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Great start to the basketball season & our first ever league game. 圣安德鲁斯队很顽强,在第二节结束时比分打平, they pulled away in the 3rd, bet9手机app在第四局反击了,但没能追上他们, losing 38-28. Well done all!


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Sign up to Team Richmond trials for Cross Country competition here: Please RT and share!


对于勤奋的a - level德国学生来说,阅读一本著名的Dürrenmatt小说当然是一个“棘手的问题”. 他们的深入分析展示是“ganz wunderbar”在bet9手机app繁忙的MFL部门的骄傲位置 ürrenmatt


Has your child had a growth spurt over the summer? That school jumper looking a bit worse for wear? Stock up on quality pre-loved uniform at the sale: in school on Saturday 24 September 10am-12pm. 有东西要捐赠——bet9手机app很乐意接受干净、有质量的东西.


Teacher of Computer Science, Waldegrave School, Twickenham


另一个成功完成的学校改善计划-谢谢 谁把这些新窗户装得很好!


Team building on the Thames? What better way to start Y7! Thank you to 以及泰晤士河青年水手队的皮划艇,木筏建造和其他有趣的活动. 到下周末,将有200多名瓦德bet9手机app女孩参加.


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10月12日的SEND期货会议名额已经爆满. 如果您是金斯顿或里士满有特殊教育需求或残疾儿童或年轻人的父母或照顾者,请加入bet9手机app.




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9月19日星期一将是银行假日,以纪念英国女王伊丽莎白二世的国葬. Schools and colleges will be closed for the Bank Holiday.


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bet9手机app最近注意到流行的即时通讯应用WhatsApp流传着一个网络钓鱼骗局, known as the 'Hi Mum' scam. bet9手机app鼓励您阅读bet9手机app的文章,以指导您识别网络钓鱼骗局,以及如果您已成为目标如何处理它们:


瓦德bet9手机app的所有人都在纪念这位非凡的一生,并在今天哀悼女王伊丽莎白二世陛下的逝世. bet9手机app正在花时间反思她的韧性和责任感, in special assemblies, and thinking of her family in their grief. Rest in Peace Ma’am.


这里是bet9手机app可爱的新六年级学习中心的一瞥. A huge thank you to 以及伍德兰商业有限公司,感谢他们在新学年到来之前所做的令人震惊的工作. Students are excited to start using their new study zone!


A big thank you to - our new signs looks fantastic! 对于学生、工作人员和游客来说,在学校里漫游要容易得多


A warm welcome to our new Y7s who started with us today! 学生们花了一天的时间做破冰游戏来互相了解,还玩了寻宝游戏来熟悉学校. They all left with happy smiles!


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Best of luck to all students getting their results today!! Remember that doing your best is always enough 🥇 & 别忘了,如果你想在毕业后获得就业或深造的支持, including with maths & English, feel free to get in touch! 📚


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担心你的成绩或你没有获得你希望的资格? bet9手机app的考试支持热线已经开通,可以和职业顾问谈谈你的担忧. For more information please visit our webpage: ☎️


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Not achieved the grades you'd hoped for this summer? Our exam support helpline is now open. The helpline will be open from 18 to 31 August 2022. For more information please visit our webpage: ☎️


Absolutely! bet9手机app直到现在才得到给她取名字的许可,但她完全值得!


今年被牛津剑桥录取的学生人数创记录:汤米, Florence, Emily, Ella, Silvia, Arden, Amalia, Lili (Oxford), Poppy (Cambridge). Also congrats to Milly & Flora (Medicine), Amelie & Bryony(兽医科学),Allegra(联合利华学徒). Well done!

Data Protection

At Waldegrave, bet9手机app一直高度重视和保护所有的学生, 家长和员工的数据,并继续完善bet9手机app的做法和程序,以确保bet9手机app符合当前的数据保护法规. 有关通用数据保护条例(GDPR)的进一步信息,请访问ICO网站. A Isted先生是bet9手机app任命的数据保护官(DPO),他的职责是监督学校处理数据的方式,并确保数据请求按照GDPR处理. Any subject access requests (SAR), 您的信息自由要求(FOI)和关于您的数据将通过bet9手机app的info@waldegravesch到达她的方式的查询.org e-mail address.

The new GDPR replaces the Data Protection Act 1998, and under this new framework, you have the right to:

Be informed about how we use your personal data.

  • Request access to the personal data that the school holds.
  • 如果你的个人资料不准确或不完整,请要求更改.
  • 如果没有令人信服的理由继续处理你的个人数据,要求删除你的个人数据.
  • Request that the processing of your data is restricted.
  • Object to your personal data being processed.

GDPR将给学校带来一些重大变化, 这意味着学校必须证明他们遵守了GDPR, by having effective policies in place. These new policies are available through the links below. 

Privacy notice for Parents & Pupils

作为一所学校,考虑儿童的数据权利也很重要. 对于13岁以下的儿童,任何资料要求/更改均须征得家长同意, but after this point, the child may be able to consent for themselves.

One of the biggest changes has been in terms of consent; consent must be a ‘positive indication’, which means that it has to be opted into, clear and unambiguous. 这意味着你给予的任何许可都必须单独详细说明,只有你主动给予学校许可,才能获得同意. 

bet9手机app很高兴地宣布,bet9手机app还任命了一名学校理事担任数据保护理事.  这一职责的重点是监督学校的政策和程序,以确保遵守新的GDPR立法,并向州长提交年度报告. 

请阅读学校在本网站上的隐私声明. 阅读和理解隐私通知是很重要的, 因为学校想确保你知道bet9手机app对你的数据做了什么,并且你知道bet9手机app的行为是合法的.

When relevant policies have been checked and ratified, they will be published on the school’s website.

如果您对GDPR有任何疑问,请致电0303 123 1113或使用他们的 live chat, or you can visit their webpage.

Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation