篮球赛季有个不错的开始 & bet9手机app的第一场联赛. St Andrews team was tough: scores were even at the end of the 2nd quarter, 他们在第三局拉开了比分, we made a comeback in the 4th but couldn't quite catch them, 失去38-28. 都做得好!



报名参加里士满队的选拔赛 这里有越野比赛: 请转发并分享!


Tackling a famous Durrenmatt novel was of course ´gar kein problem´ for hard-working A-Level German students. Their in-depth analysis display is ‘ganz wunderbar’ taking pride of place in our busy MFL department urrenmatt


Has your child had a growth spurt over the summer? That school jumper looking a bit worse for wear? Stock up on quality pre-loved uniform at the sale: in school on Saturday 24 September 10am-12pm. Got something to donate-we're happy to accept clean, quality items.


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Another successfully completed school improvement project - thank you to who have done a magnificent job of fitting these new windows!


泰晤士河上的团队建设? 还有比这更好的开始Y7的方式吗! 谢谢你 and Thames Young Mariners for the kayaking, raft building and other fun activities. By the end of next week over 200 Waldegrave girls will have taken part.


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Places are filling up on the SEND Futures conference on 12 October. Join us if you are the parent or carer of a child or young person with special educational needs and or a disability in Kingston or Richmond.


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Monday 19th September will be a Bank Holiday to mark Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s State Funeral. Schools and colleges will be closed for the Bank Holiday.



We have recently been made aware of a phishing scam circulating popular messaging app WhatsApp, 被称为“嗨,妈妈”骗局. We encourage you to read our article for guidance on identifying phishing scams and how to deal with them if you have been targeted:


All at Waldegrave are commemorating the remarkable life and mourning the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II today. We are taking time to reflect on her resilience and sense of duty, 在特殊的组件, 想到她悲痛的家人. 安息吧,女士.


Here is a sneak peek inside our lovely new 六年级 Learning Centre. 非常感谢 and Woodland Commercial Ltd for their astounding work in bringing this together in time for the new school year. 学生 are excited to start using their new study zone!


非常感谢 -bet9手机app的新招牌看起来棒极了! Navigating around school is so much easier for students, staff and visitors


A warm welcome to our new Y7s who started with us today! The students spent the day doing ice breaker games to get to know each other and a treasure hunt to familiarise themselves with the school. 他们都带着幸福的微笑离开了!



Best of luck to all students getting their results today!! Remember that doing your best is always enough 🥇 & don’t forget… if you would like support with employment/further education after finishing school, 包括数学 & 英语,随时联系我! 📚


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Worried about your results or have you not achieved the qualifications you hoped for? Our exam support helpline is open, speak to one of careers advisers about your concerns. For more information please visit our webpage: ☎️


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Not achieved the grades you'd hoped for this summer? bet9手机app的考试支持热线现已开通. The helpline will be open from 18 to 31 August 2022. For more information please visit our webpage: ☎️


绝对! We didn’t have permission to name her until just now but thoroughly deserved!


Record number of students accepted to Oxbridge this year: Tomi, 弗洛伦斯, 艾米丽, 艾拉, 西尔维亚, 浪漫的地方, 阿玛莉亚, 丽丽(牛津), 罂粟(剑桥). 也恭喜米莉 & 植物(医学),天使爱美丽 & Bryony (Veterinary Science), Allegra (Unilever apprenticeship). 做得好!

虚拟KS4选项之夜 & 信息2022

The event would ordinarily allow families to talk to Heads of Department about option subjects at GCSE, including finding out about the course content and skills that students should possess in order to successfully complete the course. 父母 and students would also be able to hear about the options process and the decisions they have to make regarding the next stage of their education. There would also be the opportunity to talks to our careers team about potential post-16 routes of study.

Unfortunately, the current situation prevents us from inviting you onto the school site in person. 然而, we have instead created a range of pre-recorded video material, which we hope gives all of the necessary information about choices at KS4, including videos from all of the option subjects open to students.










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